Sunday, December 19, 2010

FreeRepublic Deletes Accounts of Members Supporting DADT Repeal; Generic Death Threats/Murder Fantasies Re: Homosexuals, However, Are Just Dandy


FreeRepublic, of course, is where you go if you are not intellectually honest enough to read The it's not a pretty sight over there. I drop by occasionally because it makes me feel smart. It's like getting plopped down among a bunch of chimps or something. Rage-infected chimps, actually...

Groupthink is not a bug at FR, it's a feature. These are the people who watch Fox "News," get their "information" largely from e-mails forwarded by other knuckle-draggers, and so forth; they never have to encounter an actual fact, nor an actual bit of reasoning, when it comes to policy and politics. They have locked themselves up in the most effective conceptual isolation modern media can offer. And anyone who isn't sufficiently anti-homosexual is not welcome there; it would defeat the purpose of the whole thing, after all.

I'd feel sorry for these idiots if they weren't so contemptible.

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Blogger matthew christman said...

I'm betting that the "kill all gays in a cleansing, blood-drenched civil war" guy thinks Obama is a Fascist.

9:10 PM  

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