Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Glenn Beck to Reveal His "Hundred-Year Plan For America"
With Guest Star Sarah Palin!

You simply can't make this stuff up.

A marginally-sane radio shock-jock and a the vapid sports girl from some local news show somewhere are about to tell us how America should conduct itself and its affairs for the next century.

Oh, and this spectacle is to be devoid of politics...though it's called "The Restoring Honor Rally."

O.k., let's think just a wee bit about presuppositions and conversational implicature.

A. Suppose I call my rally "Restoring Honor."

B. This indicates that I believe that honor needs to be this case, roughly, to the country...and here that really means: to the Presidency...and possibly also to the Congress.

C. To say that honor needs to be restored to x presupposes at least two things: (i) x used to be honorable, and (ii) x is no longer honorable.

D. Which, in this case, really means: the government and the nation were honorable when Bush, Reagan and other Republicans held power; under Obama, however, honor is absent.

See, though Reagan and Bush '43 deserved impeachment, they are honorable. Obama, in virtue of being a Democrat, is not.

Devoid of politics: no. Devoid of anything resembling reason: yes.


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