Thursday, July 29, 2010

Glenn Beck's 451 Project?

Looks like Glenn Beck's "9/12" organization is now aiming to get books banned.

Reminder: this guy is a fecking shock jock. He was on one of those "morning zoo"-type shows with (as one of my friends always refers to them) a bunch of laughing assh*les. He probably had some sidekick named Joe-Bob or Billy or somesuch. Or he was the sidekick. This is a guy who made crank phone calls for a living--and not, like, as a summer job one time. That's the kind of mind the guy has. That's who he is.

Seriously. This is the kind of person, and the kind of intellect, that appeals to a very large chunk of contemporary American conservatives. Once you've hit sludge like Beck and Palin, there's not much barrel left beneath you.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Winston, it's even worse than you make it sound. He wasn't merely "on one of those" zoo programs. He was effing renowned for creating them to dig troubled radio stations out of holes.

That link is a long three part story from Salon about Beck. It's worth scanning if you care to know a few facts that might make Beck's ridiculousness a little more understandable.

It basically reinforces all the worst hypotheses. He seems to be a man who has not only inherited some bad genes, but who has also been making a living being a laughing asshole since he was thirteen.

He never stood a chance.

3:21 PM  

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