Friday, July 17, 2009


The true mark of a good president, of course, is his pitching ability.

On the bright side, it is probably not possible for The Corner to get any more pathetic...


Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

WS, been wondering how you could ignore the 50 good points a day at The Corner and feature the most subpar one to declare that the whole website should be summarily dismissed. The subpar stuff is highlighted on lefty blogs and the best is ignored.

[I'd certainly agree if you were speaking of World Net Daily. Hell, one wouldn't have to pick and choose. Ugh. Any random post would probably make your case.]

McCarthy's account of Obama's pitch is entirely accurate, and Albert Pujols does short-hop the bounce, and he did squirt up a few feet, astride home plate.

Yeah, it's trivial, but what was apparent to any baseball fan [me for instance] was that the live camera angle on the telecast was bizarre---not the one on the linked video---was taken from halfway down the 3rd base line, with home plate off-camera to the right of the screen.

It was just so jarring in its departure from traditional baseball TV angles that agenda was the only possible explanation, that where the pitch ended up couldn't be seen.

It was apparent even before the pitch that that weird angle was chosen by the powers-that-be to spare the president any potential embarrassment if things had gone worse.

Which is OK, and fine and good. We don't need to have our president embarrassed before a worldwide audience. A little choreography was in order, although it was entirely too clumsy that the manipulation was apparent. Like they say, it's not the crime but the coverup, and the coverup [in advance] was just too blatant.

And this isn't proof that fairminded people shouldn't read The Corner to find out what's not on MSNBC, OK? At some point it comes down to the actual facts and arguments, and they should all be heard.

I thought of you today. Why I first came to like and respect you was that you drew a line between principles and partisanship.

Cheers, mate.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

I read the article, too. [Natch.]

A principled post, WS, and good commenting too.

An overlooked sentence in the student's essay is this:

What's so remarkable is that I hadn't actually advocated Republican ideas or conservative ideas...


BTW, I recently researched that of the 20 or so senate "Dixiecrats" who voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, only one, Strom Thurmond, actually joined the Republican Party.

This came as a complete surprise to me, as I unquestioningly accepted the prevailing narrative too. It's a weird world.

11:33 PM  
Blogger The Mystic said...

WS, I really don't know how you fail to detect these librul conspiracy theories. You just wait, and wait, and wait for the Corner to make that ONE SINGLE MISSTEP and then you say that EVERYONE IN TEH WORLDZ IS AN IDIOT and that you hope all kittens burn to death.

You bastard.

And furthermore, you're wrong about the Corner's BRILLIANT article exposing the librul conspiracy to make us think that Obama can be a major league pitcher when he IN FACT CANNOT.

I am appalled by your lack of integrity, but I applaud your principled position. I mean, if you're wrong but you say it defiantly enough, then you're awesome.


By the way, did you know that some old guys joined the Republican party after Obama's pitch went into the dirt? It's shocking. I used to be brainwashed into thinking this wasn't a big deal too.

11:49 AM  

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