Monday, July 27, 2009

Freepers, Creepers! Freepers, Birthers Edition Or: Ann"Goes Over to the Dark Side"??? Oh man. First, the excuses: I'm like a major insomniac. Like, close to off the scale, slash and burn, nuclear holocaust insomnia. So anyway. Sometimes instead of fighting the losing sleep battle yet another night, I just stay up. An all-nighter of guaranteed no sleep is often preferable to another night of tossing and turning in bed for eight hours pathetically trying to eek out a couple hours of shut-eye. So anyway, that's by way of explaining why I seem to drop by FreeRepublic so often...I mean, it's 5 a.m., I haven't slept in...well, basically eleven brain can't really rise about the level of ridicule. Suddenly there I am at know how it is... So apparently it turns out that Coulter said that the Obama birth certificate biz is "not an issue," and that it's just being pushed by "a few cranks." In response, one Freeper says that she's "gone over to the Dark Side" like...Peggy Noonan...! And, I mean, that's actually true...though I expect not for the reasons the freeper has in mind. A few other choice bits: Reagan Man sez:
Since is it ANN COULTER (!!!) I am certainly willing to allow that she has not been sufficiently informed on this


Yes, all that...brilliant work... Indeed. If only she had all the copious information that the other koox have... Then there's "Extremely Extreme Extremist" who writes:

Ann is a strategist. You don’t play your Spades first in a game of Spades. This birth certificate isssue [sic] is our Ace of Spades card. Sooner or later, the truth is going to come out. But it makes no sense to play it now, and I say this as someone who truly believes that Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Yes, of course! Even though Obama could be removed from office immediately, it wouldn't be good strategery for them to do it now, they want to, er, wait 'til health care reform is passed? Or something? Gosh, it's stupid on stupid over there. So terribly pathetic and sad that it's not even any fun visiting anymore. You may not realize this, for example, but Obama is bad in every conceivable way! Yup. You name it, he's wrong about it. It is a little-known fact, but he has no redeeming characterisitcs. I mean, you may have known that he was a child-molesting antichrist...but if you didn't go freeping, you might think that he had some virtues tucked away somewhere. Which it turns out he does not. You'd think that even the crazies would sometimes be tipped off by the relentlessness of their own craziness. But you'd be wrong. So I think I'll just stop going over there. Soon...real soon...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

melatonin at bedtime works way better than Freeps at dawn.


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