Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WorldNutDaily 2002: GOP to Dominate for a Generation

Posted without comment on Specter defection day, Rasmussen at WND in 2002:

The mid-term elections of 2002 reflect a sea change in American electoral politics in which the Republican Party will dominate for a generation, says a prominent pollster.

Republicans' precedent-setting victories Nov. 5 were "much more than President Bush getting out the vote in close Senate races," says an analytical introduction to "The GOP Generation" on the website of its author, pollster Scott Rassmussen.

"Building upon proprietary survey data … [the report] explains underlying issues, trends and other factors moving the nation to a lasting Republican majority," said the analysis.

A couple of factors – national security and the war on terror – no doubt favored Bush and Republicans generally during the midterm elections. But Rasmussen told WorldNetDaily that other "institutional" changes were taking place that could lead the Grand Old Party into majority status for years to come…


Nevertheless, while admitting that "nothing is automatic," Rasmussen said the data show that "if Bush does well in the next two years, it's very difficult to envision a scenario where Democrats win back control of the House or Senate anytime soon."

"What I see is that because of the performance of the president in the past couple of years, the Republicans are now truly a majority party, and it's a lot deeper than I or other analysts first thought," said Rasmussen.

There are also nationwide trends that support a widening GOP base. Besides controlling the U.S. House and Senate, Republicans also now control most governorships and state legislatures as well.

"That hasn't happened all up and down the line since Hoover was in office," said the pollster [er…rather presciently, as it turns out…]


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