Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain vs. Palin?

The Times says that there's a dust-up between McCain and Palin over the latter's scurrilous attacks against Obama. McCain apparently wants to throttle back the hatred a bit, whereas Palin wants to ramp it up.
(via Newshoggers)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is another worrying sign that McCain is losing control of his own campaign, which is nice if you want to not have to think TOO ill of him, but a complete disqualification presidency-wise.

I'm all for Palin helping to destroy McCain's chances just so she can go on to destroy GOP chances in 2012. Her special brand of spunky idiocy could serve to tie up far right votes for the next 20 years, if she is stubborn enough.

And golly, if this is how she behaves when trying to get votes in the last months of a general election, can you imagine what she might do in a primary campaign to try to differentiate herself from, say, Huckabee?

11:15 AM  

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