Friday, September 19, 2008

Tactical Advice: Preemptive Strike Against Swiftboating

The Swift Boat Veterans for Bald-Faced Lies is gearing up against Obama, as are many similar groups.

Striking against them now, given their stated intentions, would be a preemptive strike (not to be confused with a Bushian preventive strike.)

My advice, FWIW: Don't wait and react, strike first.

And, again, not with some tricksy attempt to beat them at their own game--we can't do that. They're just meaner, crazier, and more willing to be dishonest than we are. Rather, the Obama camp should beat them like they beat the McCain lies--with a direct attack on the dishonesty itself.

How would this go? Well, we don't know exactly what lies they'll come up with (though we can guess at a few), but one option would just go something like this:

The group that Swiftboated John Kerry by lying about his record in Vietnam has now pledged to attack Barack Obama. This group and other 527s have stated their intentions to bring down the Obama campaign no matter what the cost, no matter what the methods. A wave of dishonest and dishonorable anti-Obama ads will soon hit the airwaves. What can you do to help? First and foremost: do not believe the lies. Second, if you're tired of being lied to, and tired of extremists manipulating American elections, consider making a donation at, volunteer at one of our local offices, and vote for Senator Obama on November 4th. Let's take control of our country back from the fringe.

Ya' know...something along those lines.


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