Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tough, Legitimate Criticism vs. Irrational Viciousness

Look, I've written a lot about the tough position the Dems find themselves in. They've got to say something like:

We need to get beyond the radical partisanship practiced by the Republicans.

They will, of course, be accused of being radical partisans themselves, but anyone who is at all knowledgeable and honest about the last two decades of American politics knows that that's bullshit. The Republicans have been the locus of radical, irrational partisanship for most of my lifetime.

It's o.k. to get tough with the people who are ruining your country, just as it's o.k. to punch the local bully in the nose.

I'm not saying that the Dems should get vicious...but for chrissake, we've got a rogue administration shredding the Constitution, starting unjust wars, letting those who attack us escape unharmed, spitting on our most sacred principles, building an imperial presidency and destroying our moral authority in the world...and the Dems can't find anything negative to say about them???

Jesus, what a disaster.

Come on, Hillary. We're counting on you here...


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