Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain Plays the Rezko Card;
Time to Bring Out the Keating Five?

McCain's Rezko ad, via Sully.

This is the kind of problem I was worried about when I said Obama should focus on McCain's nastiness.

Thing is, the GOP, as an organization, is extremely mean-spirited and a little bit insane. And, if you've ever been in a confrontation with someone who's extremely mean-spirited and a little bit insane, you know that they can be expected to raise the stakes at almost every point. Now we've got the Rezko BS on the national table, along with the Ayers business.

I guess my first reaction is: now that McCain has indicated that he'll stop at nothing to win, it's time to bring out the Keating Five.

Even though McCain was cleared of legal wrongdoing, the committee, you'll recall, ruled that McCain had exercised "bad judgment." And, I think, that should be one of Obama's main themes from here on out:

McCain: bad judgment in the Keating Five scandal, bad judgment on the economy, bad judgment on the war. John McCain: bad judgment.

I hate this crap, but I reckon you have to fight fire with fire. And this approach has the virtue of being true, or at least probably so.

Funny how quickly McCain went from Mr. Virtuous to just another Morris-Rovian piece of crap, isn't it? McCain's "housing problem" is a legitimate target--but he responds with more character assassination...on the heels of his challenges to O's patriotism.

Unfortunately, McCain's got way worse skeletons in his closet that the Dems simply can't rattle--e.g. dumping his first wife when she was disfigured, and calling his current wife a...very bad name.

We've learned a lot about McCain in the past month or so, and none of it has been pretty.


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