Sunday, August 24, 2008

Denver: Lefty Morons + Fox News = Boon for McCain

Via Greenwald, we get this at YouTube.

As I may have mentioned before, liberals should never forget that the far-ish left is just as crazy as the far-ish right. They just happen to be small and powerless in the U.S.--lucky for us. But go very far in either direction on the political spectrum, and you hit illiberal blockheads.

Now, these lefties look to be mostly kids playing at being radicals--though, of course, it's hard to tell. Because they want to put on a little piece of street theater and play at being all grown up and political 'n' stuff, they provide Fox News with some potent ammunition for scaring middle America. Lots of profanity, lots of bird-flipping, and at least a little shoving...though the Faux News crew seems to be seeking it out and welcoming it, unsurprisingly.

Nice job, jackasses.

This little clip alone should get a few tens of thousands of votes for McCain, especially after it's posted by the Freepers and sent around in those viral e-mails of which your uncle Buford is so fond.

On a moderately humorous side note, the Fox news guy seems to think that refusing to answer his lame questions is tantamount to denying the right to free speech.

As I've said several times before, if dipshits like these protesters were even semi-serious about whatever it is they are yawping about, they'd get rid of their little designer anarchist t-shirts, their bandana masks, their face paint and giant puppets and conduct themselves in a way that would attract middle America instead of repelling it. Like anti-World Bank protesters, these idiots are more interested in expressing their inner lackwit than they are in accomplishing anything. What they've accomplished--if, indeed, they've accomplished anything at all--is to marginally strengthen the already-rampant right wing in America.

This was, of course, an entirely foreseeable consequence of their actions. But, since they seem to, collectively, have the IQ of a dirt clod, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that they either didn't foresee the eminently foreseeable or didn't care about it.


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