Thursday, July 17, 2008

GOP Double Standard, Afghanistan Hearings Edition

So, remember when the Bush dead-enders were squealing their convoluted squeals a couple of months back about how Obama couldn't be serious about Afghanistan because, see, he was on the European Affairs Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee...and...and he didn't schedule any hearings on Afghanistan despite the fact that there are NATO troops in Afghanistan...and, see, NATO is headquartered in Europe!!!!1!

Didja, er, get that?

None of that makes the slightest bit of sense, of course. As has been made clear, to call hearings on such a tangentially-related matter would be mere grandstanding, especially for a junior member of the subcommittee.

Now, John McCain is the Senior Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. But, as it turns out, McCain not only failed to call any hearings of Afghanistan, he didn't even see fit to attend any of the committee's six hearings on the subject.

Obama hardly covered himself in glory, only attending one of his committee's hearings on Afghanistan--but at least that's 1/3 of the relevant hearings. Which beats McCain's oh-for-six record in his committee.

Man, the McCain campaign is starting to look full of shit even by the standards of the Bush years...


Blogger Jim Bales said...


Terry Welsh, over at Nitpicker, presents a different example of GOP double standards.

Citing the flack Obama received for suggesting that our children should learn another language in addition to English, Terry posted a 2005 resolution which was passed unanimously by the then-Republican-controlled Senate.

This was the Senate resolution "Designating the year 2005 as the ‘‘Year of Foreign
Language Study’’.

I predict that we will now hear Republicans damn Obama for proposing what John McCain has already voted for in 2005 -- clearly Obama doesn't have an original idea in his head! [/sarcasm]

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