Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing Dumb Re: McClellan's Book

Gosh, we just have absolutely no idea what Scotty could be talking about. I mean, in an administration that is universally recognized for its openness and veracity, especially with regard to the Iraq war and the Plame affair, this comes as a veritable bolt from the blue. I mean, if anyone else had ever criticized the administration after leaving, then we might be able to give this some credence. But given the impeccable record of this administration, we obviously must conclude that Scott McClellan has been kidnapped by terrorists or Democrats and programmed to try and bring down the President and, therefore, the nation.

I mean, really? Who on Earth could possibly believe this sort of thing?


Blogger Joshua said...

There's a fascinating synchronicity between this and a talk I attended Monday night by an ex-Scientologist.

Basically, when someone leaves Scientology and becomes critical of the Church, the official line is that the ex-Scientologist has fallen under sway of the "Psychs", who use "PDH" -- Pain, Drugs, Hypnosis -- to manipulate people into opposing Scientology. The speaker recounted her own story where they used a routine psych eval from her childhood to cook up a ridiculous Manchurian Candidate story where she was used by the Psychs to infiltrate the Church for the specific purpose of later working against it when the Psychs activated her.

So basically what I'm saying is that Movement Republicanism is a dangerous cult on par with Scientology. Or at least that they use the same techniques of denialism to innoculate themselves against critics.

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