Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clinton Now Explicitly Formulating Arguments For the GOP

Now Clinton is explicitly formulating and voicing Republican arguments:
We know the road to a Democratic White House runs right through Florida and Michigan. And if we care about winning those states in November, we need to count your votes now. If Democrats send the message that we don't fully value your votes, we know Senator McCain and the Republicans will be more than happy to have them. The Republicans will make a simple and compelling argument. Why should Florida and Michigan voters trust the Democratic Party to look out for you when they won't even listen to you?
Look, she has really gone off the rails. Until now, I really have not believed that she was trying to torpedo Obama so that she could run again in 2012. But she seems to be running an even more scorchy scorched earth policy than she used to be.

But sinking Obama in the general isn't her primary goal, I think. Beating him in the primary is. My guess is that she's simply going to keep frantically fighting to get Florida and Michigan seated, then she'll fight frantically for another rule change/goalpost-move that will help her, and then another and another until she can work herself into a position from which she can plausibly claim to be the winner. At which point, of course, she'll be shocked, shocked that Obama doesn't simply give up for the sake of party unity. JQ thinks she's fighting to seat FL and MI so that she can then argue that it's the popular vote that should determine the candidate.

At any rate, people who think that she'll settle down if the rules are bent re: FL and MI are fooling themselves. If those rules are bent, she'll then turn her energies to getting some other rules bent, and she'll keep bending rules and moving goalposts until they're bent into shapes and moved to locations that benefit her.

I said it before, and I hereby say it again: I won't vote for Clinton if she should somehow win the nomination. And should she succeed in torpedoing Obama, and run in 2012, I won't vote for her then, either.


Blogger lovable liberal said...

I haven't believed it either, but definitely has occurred to me, and Hillary has certainly not disproved it.

10:13 PM  
Blogger lovable liberal said...

Oh, and in 2016, Chelsea will be over 35 and eligible. But American doesn't need more dynasties.

10:15 PM  

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