Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Theocracy in America, 4/15/08 Edition

As (basically) a liberal, I am, of course, too open-minded to take my own side in an argument. Thus I am semi-constantly asking myself whether my political inclinations might be all screwed up.

But the thing, is, when the really, really clear cases come around, they almost always confirm my general inclination to think that conservatives are notably more politically idiotic and f*cked-up than liberals. (Note to liberals: you can't do better than that? Seriously? Note to conservatives: you can't even win when the bar is set this low? You seriously suck.)

Exhibit eleventy-zillion: Paul Broun, ignorant tool.

Man. Don't ever forget: Americans aren't better than anybody else. We've just got a culture and a system that usually keeps the real a$$holes on the periphery. Way to go Georgia. This is exactly the kind of guy the Founders wanted us to keep out of office.


Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

Interesting link. Actually, inserting "under God" in 1954 as a reaction to a growing hegemony of atheistic totalitaritarianism doesn't seem all so silly now, especially since humanity had just dodged the Hitler bullet.

Of course in 2008, it's a meaningless symbolic gesture. America's left has little chance of instituting an anti-theocracy.

Speaking of meaningless symbolisms, I see Barack Obama found some rationale to start wearing an American flag pin. Hehe. He keeps impressing me.

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