Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yet More Lameness from Krzyzewski

Even I'm a little tired of hearing about the UNC-dook rivalry. Maybe it's because I'm old school on this score and still consider NC State our biggest rival, despite their recent difficulties. Maybe it's because the whole time I was in graduate school at Carolina, Dean was beating dook like a rented mule. It got so that it wasn't even much fun anymore.

Or maybe it's because dook really is just about the most annoying team of all time.

Now, look... I'm not one of those hard-core dook haters. dook runs a clean program, and that's by far the most important factor to consider when assessing a college team. The fundamental distinction is between the clean programs and the dirty ones, and dook is in the former category. My objections against dook are rather less moral and rather more aesthetic.

Now, I don't intend to launch into a complete explanation of why The University of New Jersey at Durham is so irritating. But here's just a tiny window into what you have to put up with if you live just eight miles away from UNJ-D. Krzyzewski seems rather upset that Carolina is, yet again, playing better ball and getting more press than his precious Blue Devils. So he slips in an unwarranted dig about injury reports from UNC. Now, when you're playing with your third-string point guard (who himself has the flu), and pretty much every one of your starters is visibly limping down the court with some injury or another, and everybody and his brother is commenting on and asking about this, it is standard practice to release information about the injuries. In fact, it's standard practice to release info about injuries period.

Kryzewski is completely in the wrong here. His comment was gratuitous and just plain stupid. It's not a big deal, but Krzyzewski's relentless lameness is something that just gets on one's nerves after awhile. Personally, I'd really like to see the Carolina-dook rivalry go back to being more friendly. But given the almost preternatural irksomeness of dook's coach, it is rather easy to get a bad attitude about the thing.


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