Saturday, February 16, 2008

Emperor George XLIII Usurps Still More Power

New status of force agreement circumvents Congressional power in Iraq.

Why not just officially make this into a monarchy? If something more-or-less like that's to be avoided, Congressional Democrats are going to have to evolve into don't hold your breath.

Just when you think that this administration can't get any more despicable, they go and surprise you. This really has gotten out of control. Can anybody tell me why there aren't basically non-stop protests against this godawful administration? Seriously. It's past the point of being a political issue. If you're not worried and angry, then you're probably not paying attention.


Blogger lovable liberal said...

The statement that the Democrats should make, as one: "No agreement negotiated by the President without the advice and consent of the Senate has any permanent force whatsoever."

10:53 PM  

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