Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Debate: Takin' Us To Our Leader

My un-mulled-over reaction, FWIW:

Did great: Dodd, Biden

Did very well: Clinton

Hot and cold: Edwards

Meh: Richardson

Did badly: Obama

Crazy-ass UFO-seein' nutcase: Kucinich

Thanks to Kucinich for making the Dems look crazy. Way to go Dennis! If that guy was just nuts it would be one thing, but he's actually right about a fair number of things...and then his nuttiness just casts a kind of pall on his good positions. (Like, e.g., impeachment...) My guess: this UFO business will stick with the Dems for quite awhile. It's egg on their collective face, irrational though that may be. It's too funny, and the MSM is gonna eat this up.

In his defense, though, we've all seen UFOs in the sense he was using--that is, he saw a flying object that he couldn't identify. The other stuff about a warm fuzzy feeling or whatever probably, er, needs some explaining...

On the other hand, how many candidates believe that there is an omnipotent person existing outside of space and time who created the universe and judges us all after death? And how many think they've had some (perhaps direct) experience of that person?

Just speaking objectively and dispassionately about the issue: the odds that intelligent aliens have visited the Earth are greater than, say, the odds that God came to Earth in the form of a human being and died for all our sins. Both theories are unlikely to be true, but the former story really isn't all that outlandish; the latter is, well, almost certainly false.

Oops...there's Chris Matthews getting Bill Richardson to sound like a UFO kook too. Oh, man, the Freepers are burning up their keyboards over this! No, wait, all Freepers are in their Sleep Number beds by now... But they'll be burnin' 'em up when they get back from the early bird special down ta' the Shoney's tomorrow morning, you betcha'...


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