Friday, August 03, 2007

Are 2/3 of Wrongful Convictions the Intentional Results of Malice by Criminal Justice Personnel?

Jesus H. Christ can this possibly be true????????????

Even if it were only 1% it would be a travesty!

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Blogger tehr0x0r said...

Sadly I don't doubt this one bit. In my experience once a cop stops you he is gonna be damn sure he gets a conviction no matter what the cost. Same goes for a DA, if he has to take the time to investigate and prosecute a case then he is gonna ensure he wins. Even judges fall victim to this with small crimes like speeding, if you are in their court room wasting their time you are gonna pay a fine.

Granted this is limited experience 2 traffic tickets and one total BS alcohol charge in college (don't get me started on the RAs and cop on that one) as well as my experience with my employees but still it is enough to convince me our system has way to many "bad guys" on the "good guys" team.

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