Thursday, July 19, 2007

George Bush is a Failure; Bill Kristol is a Fool; David Corn Documents the Atrocities

Dunno whether you saw Bill Kristol's latest bit of nonsense, in which he claims that the Bush presidency will (and here I quote) "probably" be a successful one because we're probably going to win in Iraq. Yes, he actually wrote probably. I suppose that, really, this is as close to an admission of uncertainty--or even defeat--as we ever get from dogmatists. Kristol usually writes as if his moronic opinions were necessary truths. To folks like him, in this context, 'probably' probably means something like "well, it's a non-self-contradictory logical possibility..."

David Corn stomps Kristol to dust here, giving detailed proof that Kristol has been wrong about everything when it comes to Iraq. And yet somehow the man is still taken seriously. It must be nice to be so utterly terrible at your job and still to be not only taken seriously but considered a star.

Yet I think that Kristol is right about a few things here. If, through some miracle, Iraq turns out to be less of a tragedy than it currently seems like, OR the GOP wins the presidency in 2008, Bush will be considered a success by the GOP, and that means that they will probably be able to spin the conventional wisdom in that direction, too--as the did with Ronald Reagan. Conservatives have decided that Bush is a hero, and, though future Bush-based political defeat might change their mind, mere disastrous policies never will.


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