Saturday, May 26, 2007

Income Inequality And (The Absence Of) Economic Mobility In America

Here are some depressing numbers, put together by a joint project by AEI, Brookings and the Heritage Foundation, and summarized by Drum.

So much for meritocracy and opportunity.


Blogger tehr0x0r said...

Interesting, one thought though and I could just be missing something but from the looks of those charts men today are doing better than men in 1994. So while we are doing worse than we were 30 years ago it would seem that from 10 years ago we are doing better. The jump from 31k in 64 to 40k in 74 also seems a bit odd. The authors of this paper seem to be claiming that there was progress from 64-94, yet there was vastly more between 64 and 74 and from 74-94 there was a fall off. I would need to see more information but from the looks of this something just isn't right. What changed between 64 and 74 that made income jump 25% in just ten years and then start to fall over the next 20-30. Finally the author of this paper is clearly trying to say this is all Bush's fault. This is clearly wrong because if you look at the data men in 04 were better off then men in 94. The fact that men in 74 did so well shouldn't punish Bush now. Growth of around 2k in 10 years is better than the growth in the 30 year period between 64 and 94. Again, something is missing here anyone who happened to be around in 74 have some information that might shed light on what is going on here?

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