Saturday, June 03, 2006

Kos Rounds Up Discussions of Bush's New-Found (and Alleged) Open-Mindedness

Here. Seems like everybody else is more skepical/cynical about this than I am...but I can be kind of naive, so best listen to them and not to me. Seems to me that it's a positive sign, even though a very weak one.

Though sometimes I think I'm notably non-objective about things like this, since I have this theory that there are practical advantages to be gained by...well...sortaaaa...pretending to be more credulous than one really is in such cases. If it were up to me I think I'd have a big party on the Mall to celebrate stories like this...give Mr. Bush some very obvious reward every time he makes noises suggesting he's moving in the right direction...without, of course, allowing ourselves to believe that he really is in the absence of stronger evidence than is provided by the Post story.

I dunno. Bush can't be completely immune to reason, and he's certainly not immune to public opinion. But if he gets bashed just the same whether he's doing something wrong or (at least possibly) doing something right...well, that doesn't seem to be a very effective way to influence his actions.

Just a thought.


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