Friday, June 23, 2006

Andrew Sullivan and Kevin Drum, Both Making Sense

Drum responding to Sullivan here.

Given the information available to us, I think Sullivan's position and Drum's are both reasonable. I, at any rate, don't have enough information to be able to choose between them.

Today my position is something like this: this war should have been easy to win, and it could still possibly be won by a minimally competent and honest administration. But we don't have one of those. Sullivan's alternatives are the ones I prefer, but I don't see this administration undertaking any of them. Consequently, the least disastrous alternative actually available to us may be to set a date for withdrawal. Withdrawal might work...or more troops might work...but what we're doing now does not seem to be working.

But, of course, on the other hand, if the Dems could force withdrawal, they should be able to force the administration to conduct the war differently. But they don't have the power nor the unity to force anything right now.

Jesus, what a disaster.


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