Thursday, August 05, 2004

A Quote:

"These Republican politicians have fouled the political atmosphere for all of us who see public service as a high calling. They do not seek to defeat the Democratic Party, they seek to destroy it. And in the process, they would deny one of the most precious freedoms of all--your freedom to judge which candidate will better serve your interests and truly reflect your values."

Hits the nail on the head, don't you think? Sounds like somebody's got Rove's number. And Cheney's. And De Lay's. More could be named...

And yet, as you may know, this is not a recent quote, and was not aimed at the crop of criminals that is currently in office. This was George McGovern in 1972, almost pleading with the American people not to re-elect that era's crop of miscreants, Tricky Dick et. al.

As you know, McGovern went on to be crushed by Nixon, getting only about 37% of the popular vote. It's rather hard to imagine how frustrating those times must have been. I was too small and stupid to understand what was going on, but I do remember the election.

How depressing is it that we've learned so little that a mere 30 years later we find ourselves in such similar circumstances?


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