Monday, March 29, 2004

Clarke-Relevant Links 3/29/04-B

From Joe Conason at Salon:
"Richard Clarke Terrorizes the White House." No sleep last night...can't remember how I found this...but it's a good little interview. Once again what he says has the ring of truth, for what that's worth, and he comes across as a real straight-shooter and a man of integrity. Needless to say, our hunches about such things are eminently fallible, but they're far from worthless. I'm not the most easily-duped person in the world, I'd say. (Though studies apparently indicate that we're lots worse at detecting liars than we think we are.) (Incidentally, I got the same kind of vibe from Paul O'Neill. I didn't get that vibe from DiIulio, but I didn't get any vibe from him at all.) I'm perfectly willing to abandon this tentative conclusion about Clarke's character if the facts ultimately fail to support it, of course...but given that the members of this administration seem to be lying whenever their lips are moving, my provisional guess is that the available facts will bear Clarke out. And, since he's eager to have his prior testimony declassified and Frist has admitted that he has no idea what Clarke said during that testimony, I predict that Clarke's claims will be borne out there, too.


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