Friday, November 21, 2003

This doesn't make any sense: reports that the government is warning us about the possibility of terrorist attacks as Ramadan comes to an end (early next week, apparently):

"The statement, issued by the Department of Homeland Security, says recent terrorist bombings overseas have prompted concern for potential terrorist threats 'to the United States and abroad.' "

(uh, did they really say "threats to the United States and abroad"?)

They are warning that al Qaeda is particuarly interested in using cargo planes to attack dams, bridges, natural gas facilities....

But what's up with this:

"The national terrorism alert level will remain at yellow, signifying an "elevated" threat. "

How can they possibly release a warning like this but not raise the threat level past yellow?????

What the heck is this color system for, anyway? Do they need another color in there to distinguish between be afraid and be very afraid? Since the colors don't really go in order, they could stick anything they want in there. Maybe purple.


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