Monday, November 17, 2003

:Philosoraptor: Not Smart:
Wait a second. What exactly is Rall's point in that column? I was walking down the hall when it hit me that I didn't really understand what he was trying to say. Is he, perhaps, making the following excellent point?

Here's what it would look like from the other side if they allowed themselves to--like the Bush Administration--frantically spin all the evidence (but in the opposite direction, of course). Here's what it would look like if they allowed themselves to see everything they did, and all of their motives, in the best possible light.

Wouldn't that have to be the point? He can't seriously be suggesting that the Ba'athists are the good guys, right? Would I try so hard to be charitable to the Instapundit?

Let yourself spin every piece of evidence you get 10 degrees to the left, the lefties end up looking like they're right about most everything. Spin every piece of evidence 10 degrees to the right, the righties end up looking like they are right about most everything. Because the truth is hard to figure out, and that 10 degrees can usually make the difference.

It's easy to do. In fact, it's hard not to do.

Hear a piece of evidence that contradicts what you are inclined to believe? Feel that little tightening in your chest? Feel yourself steeling yourself against the evidence? Kind of like bracing yourself against the wind. Hear yourself making excuses, flailing about for explanations, fumbling around for the interpretation you find most amenable?

Feel yourself trying to prevent Reason from working itself out in the world?


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