Saturday, January 04, 2020

Kevin D. Williamson Isn't A Mass Murderer, He's Just A Hack

There's probably a name for a rhetorical strategy such that you concede a stupid point that shouldn't even be under discussion in order to feign reasonableness as a means to bolstering your cred so that you seem to have some authority to throw behind the merely lame point you're actually trying to prove.
   If you think it's in any way possible that Trump is a Nazi, then you are insane. He's also not a failure. He may be a bad president--though, honestly, that seems less and less likely to me. At any rate: he's not the world-historically catastrophic fascist lunatic the left portrayed him as. He's not even the unmitigated embarrassment I used to portray him as. Oh, he's an embarrassment alright. Antipresidential, as I keep saying. Which matters. A lot. But policies matter, too. It also matters that he has, as many of his supporters have argued, broken through the loony elite consensus in many places. 
   I know, I know. He's a horrible, horrible populist. And the common man--the ordinary middle American--is deplorable. We have baskets and baskets of such embarrassing folk. They know nothing about anything. Particularly: governing their democratic republic. They're too ignorant to realize that mass illegal migration and the reengineering of demographics in order to minoritize them is good, that men can become women by donning frocks, that we only have ten years to create a utopian socialist government and society or we will all die a fiery, watery death, and that any resistance to any of these policies makes you a white nationalist. How can such people be trusted with the levers of government, I ask you?


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