Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Geoffrey Miller: "The Neurodiversity Case For Free Speech" or: Surrendering To the Victimhood Cultists

This is similar to one of the arguments deployed in defense of James Damore, which was, roughly: he's on the spectrum, so he didn't realize that it's now impermissible to speak the truth. I raged through this entire piece, and ended up angrily skimming through the last third, then stewing about it for hours. Look, I understand the tactical wisdom of turning their own bullshit arguments back against them, especially to win an important battle. But we risk a Pyrrhic victory if we buy into the delusions of the PC victimhood cult. It's permissible to speak the truth...even if you're not a victim! Even if you're perfectly capable of keeping your mouth shut! You don't need a lame-ass PC excuse for speaking the truth. To fall back on such an argument may be tactically clever, but it's a strategic error.
   More and more I notice that, in academia, the presumption is that you will keep your mouth shut and acquiesce to the reigning bullshit. One thing the author does get right is that academia used to be largely composed of people who had an interest in reason and truth-telling. But now... I often find myself having to patiently explain to people that it's important to state and follow the evidence. The default state is acquiescence to political correctness. If you don't comply, you're an outlier. A colleague of mine even said to me recently that if truth and "social justice" come into conflict, one should go with the latter.
   RIP The University, ca. 1088 - ca. 2018.


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