Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dems Must Disavow Every Normal Position They've Ever Held

I came to more-or-less that same conclusion awhile back, though not expressed so clearly and pithily:

Should English be the official language? I actually don't have much of a position on that. It seems pretty reasonable on its face. But I don't know anything about the issue, the hidden advantages and disadvantages, the likely unintended consequences. I used to think that there wouldn't be much wrong with having a more bilingual country...and it's spare us some of that supercilious Euro-ridicule.
   But that was before the Great Lurch Left. Now they advocate so many policies that aim at dissolution of social cohesion that fighting back with, e.g., an official language might be a good idea.
   Of course capitalism, too, seems to work against social cohesion in certain ways...but I have no idea what to say about that...
   I'm more interested in the point that progressive leftists must ceremonially apologize for believing basically anything normal. And yet everybody keeps acting like they are part of a normal political faction/party/movement. Everything's just fine. Surely the Raze-It-All-And-Set-Your-Calendars-To-Year-Zero party* is better than Drumpffff!

* Hyperbole warning!


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