Monday, September 30, 2019

Trump And Ukraine: I Don't Know

I have no idea what to think.
Seems to me that:
1. What Trump said is clearly prima facie cause for concern. It sounds terrible to me.
2. The Hunter Biden situation sounds dirty as hell. As Bill Maher has said, if it were Don Jr., it's all Rachel Maddow would be talking about.
3. But even if both Bidens are dirty, it doesn't mean that what Trump said was permissible.
4. The Dems are hysterical, sprinting blindly from one failed attempt to indict or impeach to another. In fact, they're now hysterical about all sorts of different things--such are the consequences of hysterical religious conversion. The last thing Woke Jesus wants from you is rationality. Russiagate was a loony conspiracy theory that was pretty obviously BS long before the Mueller report came out. Then there's the anti-Kavanaugh farce--ongoing, apparently. Now the headlong rush into impeachment even while Ukrainegate was little more than hearsay. The Dems are primed for hysteria, they're set off by anything, and their most passionate goal is torpedoing Trump.
   That doesn't mean that Trump doesn't need torpedoing--but it does mean that Democratic hysteria about doing so isn't a good indicator that he does. Nor that he's going to get it.
   I generally say: investigate away. I'm more than willing to accept that Trump did something illegal. OTOH investigation itself seems to have become a political tool. See also: the revived Clinton email investigation...
   Both sides are godawful. It's gotten to a point such that it often seems like a coin-toss as to which is worse.
   One thing that concerns me: most people I interact with seem to share in the anti-Trump hysteria, but to be virtually oblivious to the horrifying unhinging of the left/Dems. I can understand recognizing both but judging Trump to be worse. It's much harder to understand being oblivious the patent lunacy that's gripped the blue team.
   But when we actually dig into the details, the accusations against Trump tend to be revealed as bogus. He didn't collude with the Rooskies. He didn't call Nazis "very fine people." And on and on and on... He may be a lout and a loose cannon...well...he is a lout and a loose cannon...but those are different matters.
   But I just don't know.
   It seems like people are doing their normal thing and choosing up sides based on their antecedent preferences.
   The right answer here, however is almost certainly: too soon to tell.


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