Sunday, August 04, 2019

Amy Wax Again Besieged

Zach Beauchamp is an incompetent idiot--nearly a requirement to write for Vox. So Wax is again fending off the shrieking progressive hordes. I know it's hard to believe, but...Beauchamp falsely accuses Wax of racism. Wow, that never happens in the progressive press!
   In fact, she defends a cultural distance approach to immigration. Which I currently and tentatively do too, incidentally. Though it's a position I've only recently found interesting, so I'm not exactly entrenched in it at this point.
   Same old, same old. Somebody smart and uncowed by the shrieking progressive horde advocates a perfectly reasonable view...said horde, incapable of even moderately precise thought, spins the view into something vaguely resembling something that looks racist if you really want it to...shrieks RACISM!!!111
   One wonders what all of their other words are for. Every article could consist of just one word: RACISM!
   The old religious right was tediously stupid; the new cultish left makes those guys look like the Vienna Circle or something.


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