Sunday, July 30, 2017

Does Being Rich Wreck Your Soul?

   IMO growing up rich has some tendency to. But so does growing up poor. Look, I envy  hate distrust the rich as much as anybody. But I also think that lefties tend to be aesthetic puritans who romanticize a certain kind of faux poverty/"simplicity" and want everybody else to romanticize it, too. Though I don't trust the rich, I also don't trust people who don't trust the rich... I certainly don't believe that the rich are more likely to steal candy from babies--no siree Bob!
   There's something wrong with Trump, obviously. Somethings...  Being rich probably didn't help. It does seem a bit weird to me that we elect presidents who don't know what it's like to live in America. Or on Earth. But here we are.
   At least Dubya (oh, Dubya...I was too hard on ya, my man...) knows what it's like to clear brush. I trust a man who frequently clears his brush. Though I am somewhat suspicious of those who seem to enjoy it... I suspect--though I can't know for sure--that Trump hasn't cleared a lot of brush. It must be nice--but weird--to never have cleared brush, shoveled cow shit, planted potatoes, dug potatoes, cut hay, bailed hay, put up hay, hunted deer, driven cattle, fixed fence...whaddaya do with all that extra time as a kid if you don't do that stuff? God knows. There are other jobs I'm sure you can do when you're a kid. Other people do other things when they're kids...things like...I dunno. Cobbling? Like...apprentice to a cobbler? Pick-pocket? Work in a sweatshop? Coal mining? Surely there are some less Dickensian things kids do growing up... Band camp? I dunno.
   What was I talking about, anyway?
   Oh yeah: I don't trust the rich. And I don't trust the anti-rich. And I certainly don't trust social-psychological research claiming to show that the rich are bad people.
   If there's one lot I trust even less than the rich, it's social psychologists.


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