Thursday, May 18, 2017

Social Creationism

'Social creationism' is a better term than 'social constructionism.' And analogously: 'social creation,' 'socially created.'
   But ya know...though certain people throw around 'social construction', 'social construct,' and 'socially constructed' all the time, almost no one ever says 'social constructionism.' I suspect that 's because they don't seem to even understand that they're promoting a highly controversial theory. They don't even see it as an -ism.
   Personally, I tend to use the terms 'creationist' and 'creationism' to describe such people and views. I admit that it's a bit of a rhetorical dirty trick...but I think that this terminology makes a true and important point--and points to a real, though weak, similarity with theism. Furthermore, social constructionism is such a conceptual train wreck that I think it's important to have some punchy way to snap people out of it. It's a crazy, disastrous view promulgated without criticism bey people who ought to know better, and it's become deeply entrenched in public discussion. Something needs to be done to snap people out of it at least long enough to get them to understand the problems with what they're saying. After they understand, if they judge that they still believe the crazy-ass things they've been thinking and saying...well, then they're free to keep thinking and saying them.
   That is all.


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