Saturday, May 20, 2017

Paul Griffiths Forced To Resign From Duke Divinity For Criticizing "Diversity" Re-Education Camp

   Leiter's been on the story. Absolutely do not miss the link to the emails! Here's the link, for good measure: THE LINK. CLICK IT.
   The totalitarians have taken over the academy. They established a beachhead in the earl '90s, and now they're making a push inland for...I don't know...the capital...or the library or whatever...  And, just like last time, the bulk of their fighting force is made up of turncoat liberals. Other liberals are cowering under their beds.
   Fer the lova God, nobody's asking you people to battle the brown shirts in the street...I realize that's asking to much of you lot...but you can't stand up to a bunch of pasty, bespectacled postpostmodernist scolds? If you can't stand up to them, could you maybe at least stop helping them?
   These people taking over the academy is the intellectual equivalent of fundamentalist Christians taking over. In either case, it's an anti-intellectual, anti-philosophical, anti-scientific cult.


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