Thursday, February 02, 2017

Berkeley Riot Stops Milo Talk; Trump Sticks His Oar In

   The PC left has no respect for freedom of speech. This is not news. The left at Berkeley riots and the administration shuts down a talk my Milo. This should have been a story about the lunacy and violent tendencies of the illiberal left. Instead, Trump needs to be part of the show, and, as usual spews out tweets with 0.00 seconds of thought behind them, e.g. threatening to pull Cal's federal funding. So now this is another story about Trump being an idiot. 
   And here's a safe prediction: "progressives" will be apologizing for the protesters. Well...they'd have been doing so anyway, probably. And Milo's style doesn't help anything. And neither does his link to Breitbart... But Trump's involvement virtually guarantees that progressives (i.e.: not actual liberals...if I may shamelessly no-true-Scotsman this matter yet again...) are going to basically be on the side of the anti-free-speech protesters.
   I think Milo's right about a lot, but I expect he's wrong about a lot, too. Well, he supports's wrong about at least one big thing. But what he thinks is irrelevant here. Dude could be Goebbels or Beria or Biao for all I care. The question is: will we have freedom of speech or not? The answer of the PC left is no. And that's not a uniquely crazy part of the view. It's just one part of a whole, crazy, anti-liberal position that is now prominent on the American left, and which is reflexively defended by more centrist sectors of the left that should be staunchly opposed to it.


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