Thursday, January 19, 2017

Firearm "Silencers": Actually Not That Bad?

   I was pretty much against loosening up restrictions on suppressors...but...maybe I was wrong.


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

Yeah, this article seems to back up a few of the arguments that we talked about yesterday.

Namely, that the federal permits might unjustly restrict one's access to silencers, and that there doesn't seem to be much, if any, positive correlation between the use of silencers and crime (whether that be crimes perpetrated with silencers or unresolved cases due to the use of a silencer). I think it's also important to note the (up to) 10-year prison sentence-- is that too harsh of a punishment for mere possession?

I'm inclined to agree with the GOP on this one. I think that some of the worries had by the left-ish types are justified in some sense, but in this case I'm for erring on the side of freedom instead of caution.

I'm also a bit put off by the knee-jerks had by liberals with respect to guns, so I'll just go ahead and assert that if I'm biased on this issue at all, it likely stems from there. I'm not sure that I fully understand the alarmism coming from the left with respect to firearms.

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