Friday, November 11, 2016

Drum: Podesta: Yeah, It Was Comey

   I'm not even all that mad at Comey   I'm more wondering what it must feel like to have fucked over the country yo--presumably--love. And so thoroughly!
   Comey is like the Steve Bartman of America.
   Goddamn it, Comey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a narrative developing that Hillary's loss had nothing to do with Comey or Wikileaks, but was mainly due to Hillary's cautious incremental center-left approach when this electorate wanted radical change. This is coming mainly from angry Bernie supporters who are convinced that the Democratic Party blew it by undermining their man and by nominating Hillary, who they despise. No one is talking about how the FBI and Wikileaks, two non-democratic institutions, likely threw this election to Trump. To me, that is the story of this election, rivaling that America has elected an unhinged amoral demagogue as president. 2000 was close to a coup. 2016 was even closer to a coup. But nobody seems to care.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, basically nobody else seems to be angry about seems crazy in the absence of any tendency of other people to see it as a real possibility, doesn't it?

The Dems are just so proud of being reasonable...which is a helluva virtue, of course... But I'm just not at all sure that we should be taking this *completely* lying down.

The only ones making a stink are the repulsive lefties who have almost no idea what it is they're mad about.

The evil Putin and the lunatic Assange might very well have helped elect the moron Trump President.

If true, it might even be more devastating than 9/11...or is that crazy talk?

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the margin of the electoral college win has masked the impact of Comey's letter. But three states decided the election: PA, WI, and MI. The total vote margin in those three states was less than 150k I believe. Since Nate Silver has estimated that the Comey letter moved the polls about 2%, I think those states could have swung her way without the letter. The distinct possibility of this alone should raise very serious concerns. Of course, the response I've heard to this is: "Well if she hadn't used a private server, then..." I get that, but the FBI had no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, hadn't even looked at the emails, violated internal DOJ policy, and yet they made it appear that there was a potential crime there 11 days before the election. I'm not going to drop this, even if everyone else seems to want to let it go. And I agree, there's a resignation about this from a lot of people, but I think there's also a motivation to pin this loss on Clintonism/center-leftism of Hillary's campaign so the Bernie crowd can completely put the blame firmly on her (and Obama's center-left approach) for the loss and then take over the Democratic Party.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, I saw Silver's estimate.

I haven't had the time nor the energy to really process it yet...nevertheless, I'm glad to hear you aren't going to drop it. I'm definitely going to attend to this more once the shell shock wears off.

If the Bernie/Warren crowd takes over the Dems, we're really fucked, IMO.

One big problem is that it's hard to capture people's attention with ideas like Centrism Now! and Moderation Or Bust!

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah a center-left candidate was just Trump. So you're right there will little appetite for centrism. And I agree that's probably a mistake, on policy grounds at least even though I'm not sure how politically the Democrats have a choice at this stage. But it's a huge mistake, I think, for the Bernie crowd to just ignore this.

7:41 AM  

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