Sunday, November 06, 2016

Doing The Right Thing (And Avoiding Another Trump)

   These are half-assed ideas and suggestions, as usual...
   But--assuming we avoid this Trump--liberals might be wondering about how to avoid another one. I suggest that one way of helping to do so involves:
Ending the bloodthirsty campaign to crush and humiliate conservatives who are fighting a rear-guard action in a culture war they have already lost.
   It's obvious that they've lost. They lost with respect to the sexual revolution. They lost with respect to abortion. They lost with respect to the "mainstreaming" (bleh...horrible pseudo-word...) of homosexuality, and with respect to same-sex marriage. They've lost with respect to the bizarre simultaneous coarsification and hair-trigger-offensification of society. They're going to lose on transgenderism and an end to sex-segregated public restrooms and locker rooms (even though they're largely right about that issue). They've just plain lost. But that's probably not as bad as the fact that they are held in contempt by the winners--i.e. liberals and left-of-liberals (progressives, PCs), who want to humiliate them.
   It seems plausible that it might be a good idea to slow down change a bit. We've begun to do it in a truly knee-jerk manner, and to get it wrong in important respects (see: the PC agenda, restriction of free thought and expression on campuses, transgenderism (aforementioned)). Slowing down would give us more time to think--we're no longer dealing with issues like interracial marriage which are (as it were) black-and-white. All the easy and relatively obvious issues are behind us. That was the low-hanging fruit. Racial segregation, for example, had to be dealt with now. Er...then... Such prohibitions were obvious abominations. Not so much the elimination of sex-segregation in restrooms and locker rooms. That's a much more complicated, far less-obvious issue.
   Along the way, we might stop to ask whether maybe--just maybe--conservatives aren't all ignorant retrograde racist hicks... Y'know...just...a possibility... Who knows? They may even be right about a thing or two. Or there might be legitimate differences in preferences about some things.
   Now, obviously many liberals and left-of-liberals simply do not care about conservatives, and cannot be dissuaded from despising them and seeking to crush their world-view and way of life. However...the more desperate conservatives get, the more likely it may be that another Trumpthulhu will rise from the depths to seek to devour space and time and democracy and Obamacare. This one was artless and transparently shit...and he's still got a 1-in-3 chance of winning. Imagine one that's vaguely human! God knows what might happen. Well...we know, too, I guess. He might win is what I'm saying.
   Liberals are wrong about some things and conservatives are right. We know this on general fallibilist grounds. We're all wrong about things, and we are all in a position to know that, even if we don't believe it. We're all wrong about things, we just usually don't know which ones. So liberalism and left-of-liberalism are wrong about things. If we slow down and try actually thinking about policy instead of rushing to massacre our defeated policy-enemies, we'll make fewer errors, and we'll make our policy "enemies" (aka countrymen...) less desperate, ergo less Trump-prone. You shold care about the latter even if you don't care about the former. Which you should, incidentally. Furthermore, in a pluralistic democracy, in many cases, even if you're right, and even if you know it, a respect for honest disagreement indicates that you should go slow in an attempt to afford those who haven't seen the right answer yet to see it.
   Anyway, my $0.02, as S. rex would say.


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