Sunday, May 01, 2016

UNC AFAM Scandal: The Robesonian Calling the N&O On Its BS

   Dan Kane and the N&O saw a chance to strike a blow against Carolina, and have been hawking and spinning the AFAM scandal for five years. The N&O's dishonest coverage seems to also have been a major source of the false information we see repeated ad nauseam by CNN, ESPN, etc.
   (Kane, incidentally, has recently been busted for getting information from NC State fan's twitter accounts if you can believe that...)
   This is the part where I'm expected to restate the obvious...that obviously need not be restated: the AFAM scandal was bad. Bad, bad, bad.
   But it was an academic scandal, not an athletic scandal. Even Wainstein, who tried hard to make it about ASPSA, could only find tenuous apparent reasons to place the blame there by leaving out crucial information.
   Too bad about that Pulitzer, Dan...


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