Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Amanda Marcotte: Still Pushing "Rape Culture," Still Hedging On The UVA/Rolling Stone Gang Rape That Wasn't

   As much as I disagree with Marcotte and people like her, I really can understand getting oneself all twisted up in feminist dogma over rape, sexism and sex-based inequality. They're absolutely maddening. And that's a mitigating circumstance.
   Be that as it may, Marcotte is part of the problem. Or, rather, part of the other problem. Rape is a problem. Rape crisis hysteria is the other problem--a to-some-extent understandable problem, but a problem nonetheless. Rape crisis hysteria is not the solution to rape. Irrationally expansive definitions of rape, feminist fables about "rape culture," legislating/micromanaging people's sex lives, and classifying innocent people as rapists are not reasonable responses. 
  Anyway, among other things, Marcotte is still refusing to admit what was obvious from the beginning with respect to the UVA/Rolling Stone gang rape that wasn't. Writing of some book or other, Marcotte:
This chapter invariably brings to mind the fiasco over the Rolling Stone’s story about sexual assault at the University of Virginia, which was retracted after it was discovered the centerpiece of the story, an alleged fraternity gang rape, was likely fabricated by just such an attention-seeking and troubled young woman, “Jackie.” Perhaps if Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely and her editors had read Harding’s book, they would have spotted the red flags in Jackie’s story.
Um..."was likely fabricated"? American "rape culture," you see, is a definite thing...no qualification nor hedging is required... "Jackie"s story, however...well...we'll never really know, will we? Even a confession of lying could be false... Even if we had a videotape of ever room in the frat house, these could be fabricated... Even if...even if...  Standards of proof, you see, are different in such cases... Such credulity is warranted in response to rape accusations that no evidence can ever be sufficient to genuinely defuse it. Listen and believe...and never surrender that belief, no matter what.
   ...Speaking of which...how about the last bit of that quote, eh? If we're supposed to "listen and believe," how is Rolling Stone justified in scrutinizing "Jackie"s story? And, of course: "Jackie" herself bears no responsibility for telling the lies...but that's a well-entrenched part of the official PC mythology by this point...no sense in pounding our heads against that bit...
   Ok, I'm done. I was just following links around and ended up at Marcotte's place, and that always, like totally triggers me with all its like...uh...microaggressions or whatever?...and, uh, paid blogger privilege and whatnot...


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