Monday, May 04, 2015

Liberalism: The Reality-Based Community?

   Perhaps it never really was all that much...but there's no doubt that it's less so now than it used to be...
   One of the most dangerous aspects of the PC / SJW madness that's spreading among American (and, apparently, British) liberals: it subordinates facts to ideology. What ought to be relatively straightforward (though to some degree philosophical) biological questions like "is race real?" and "what is the sex of person p?" get (allegedly...though not, y'know, actually) transformed into moral/political questions. Discussion and debate are verboten.  Choosing the wrong answer is double secret verboten...though...well...not really secret, I guess... And that's Lysenkoism. And that's very, very bad...
   Liberalism struck back against this insanity in the '90's...will it work up the gumption to do so again? 
   Honestly, I'm not sure.
   I used to think that liberals tended to be more reasonable than conservatives...  Then during the PC madness of the '90's I came to think that liberals were basically about as irrational as conservatives...I just happen to agree with their conclusions more often... Then after PC was mostly squashed--and American conservatism totally flipped its shit during Clinton-Bush-Obama--I sort of allowed myself to tacitly slip back into believing that liberals were more reasonable... But now I doubt that again. 
   Liberalism seems only too ready to embrace far-left nuttiness and patently absurd metaphysical views so long as doing so seems...I don't know...what?...nicer or something? God knows... Sometimes I worry that many liberals would accept almost anything so long as it allowed them to feel more progressive or open-minded about something... 
   I do continue to think that the center will rise up and laugh the fringe away again...but I'm in no way sure that it will...


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