Friday, February 06, 2015

Gawker v. Chait: The Fluffy Uber-Left Assures Itself It's Winning

   This is funny enough to be just a little bit hard to believe:
   ArchiveToday link to Gawker (so don't worry--they won't get hits)
   Jonathan Chait has made some mistakes--some big ones. Like so many of the TNR crowd, he supported the Iraq war. (He's subsequently apologized, in case that matters). But it's hard not to laugh at the thought of Gawker trying to engage Chait as if they belonged anywhere near the same podium. Gawker is, in terms of intellectual seriousness and depth, 0.00 steps above People magazine.
   So...isn't that an ad hominem? And isn't that a tactic that is apparently legitimate according to PC principles, but not according to those of people like me? Well...I'm not saying Gawker is a joke, therefore you can dismiss their arguments. I'm just saying Gawker is a joke. So that's an abusive ad hominem, I suppose...but truth is a defense. And, well, Gawker is a joke... can go look at what they have to say above with no fear of giving clicks to idiots. It's the same sad parade of utter nonsense that you can see any number of other places. The crux of their argument is Har har Jon Chait is a white dude amirite? Jesus. Arguing with these people is like arguing with children. Or with particularly puerile teenagers who ran across some Foucault and Andrea Dworkin quotes on Tumblr once. The SJW/neo-PC echo chamber is particularly echo-y even under normal conditions, and Chait's broadside has set off a cacophony. They lean heavily on the power of insistence and repetition--and that's another reason to make sure their bullshit does not go unchallenged. Sometimes all it takes to keep someone from being swept up by the hypnotic power of someone else's certainty is a little opposition. Maybe I'll go through this embarrassingly bad Gawker piece later, but I've got a backlog already. The loony left is basically refuting itself with its reaction to the Chait piece...but I think it's important to address their nonsense anyway.


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