Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Queering Knowledge"

Behold, the kind of stuff that gives bullshit a bad name:
Feminist Critical Analysis
Queering Knowledge: Intimacies, Spaces, Affects
Following Jack Halberstam’s notion of queer, not as a particular body-centered identity position, but as a relational positionality, this year’s course in Feminist Critical Analysis seeks interdisciplinary approaches that examine the possibility of queer concepts of knowledge and queer paradigms of knowledge production and circulation. In particular, we are interested in discussing the ways in which different normative orders are reflected in the power/knowledge paradigms that produce “queer subjects” with “strange temporalities, imaginative life schedules, and eccentric economics”. We will consider alternative modes of intimacy, alliances, forms of embodiment, and representation and how these can contribute to a new understanding of knowledge production and transmission, with very concrete ethical implications and, more importantly, political potential. Is there such a thing as “queer knowledge” at all? Following Lacan, one of the questions we intend to pose would be - is the true desire for knowledge always paranoid, i.e. a desire not to know, as it necessarily confronts the Real? Can there be power in ignorance, as Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick notes in Epistemology of the Closet?
In 2015, the annual course Feminist Critical Analysis will examine these recent theoretical moves and consider their consequences for feminist scholarship and activism. We encourage active participation and debates that will bring together disciplines from across the humanities, social sciences, art, political theory, cultural studies, philosophy, etc.
(From an e-mail on PHILOS-L)


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