Thursday, September 11, 2014

Conservative Bias In Texas Textbooks

Texas students may soon be reading in their history textbooks that the American system of democracy was inspired by Moses, segregated schools weren’t all that bad and taxes imposed for programs like Social Security haven’t measurably improved society.
There is nothing I can say about that that does not involve a lot of words I shouldn't use in this venue.

Funniest line:

“If anything in politics can move a crowd, it’s holding up an American history book that diminishes the role of the Founding Fathers and Ronald Reagan." 

One of these things, my friends, is not like the others...

Texas history textbooks have been a battleground for years, so this is nothing really new. But it's still a scandal. 

Oh and: an explicable one:
...the Texas Freedom Network issued a press release complaining that just three of the 140 reviewers on the state panel are current faculty members at Texas colleges and that some individuals, such as a used-car-salesman-turned-pastor, seem to have few qualifications for the job. At the same time, several academics with more qualifications were rejected, “a clear sign that for the state Board of Education, years of study and teaching do not count,” said Edward Countryman, a history professor at Southern Methodist.


Blogger The Mystic said...

What a clusterfuck. I liked this part:

"Bradley, the conservative board member, said he doubted the critique from the Texas Freedom Network – which he prefers to call the “Texas Fruit Network” – would carry much weight with the board.

When I first read that, I thought "well, he might not be using the word 'fruit' in the way I am guessing he's using it..." And then I read the following portion:

Rather than complain, “they need to put on their big-girl panties and go run for office,” he said.

Despite this being entirely in character with what I suspect is in the heads of most of these conservative board members, it's still surprising to see it so plainly expressed.

WTF, Texas. WTF.

10:34 AM  

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