Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Irrational/Twitter Left: Drum and deBoer Take Notice

I've been bitching about the rise of the loony left on Tumblr/Twitter/etc. for awhile now. Here's Drum mentioning the phenomenon. Drum is largely referencing Freddy deBoer, here. deBoer, I'd say, gets it largely right until the last paragraph...well, I mean...he's really just saying that he agrees with a bunch of things...I'm not denying that he agrees with them, of course...but I disagree with some of the things he agrees with...

Still, it's good that even people fairly far on the left are finally starting to acknowledge that the left has a problem. It's largely a tone problem--though, of course, one of the internet left's devices for deflecting criticism is the cry of "tone policing!"...

One thing deBoer mentions is particularly worrisome if true--and Iv'e been warning of this for quite awhile. He says that he thinks that many college-aged kids are refusing to describe themselves as liberals because of this stuff (just as many stopped identifying themselves as feminists because of it). This is what happened during the PC madness of the '90's, and I predicted it'd happen again, just as I predicted that the loony left would rise again if Obama won a second term.

Damn I hate being right all the time...


Blogger Dark Avenger said...

DeBoer is an ass and an idiot, who once commented at LGM that 'Does it ever occur to you guys that your commenters are objectively despicable people?'

You know how to pick 'em, Winston.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

And yet he's right about this

I'll take your cranky disapproval as confirmation...

8:06 AM  
Blogger Dark Avenger said...

Winston, as the old saying goes, if you look around the table, and can't see the mark, then that means it's you.

Freddie defines the left as holding his own precise position on the issue that he has chosen as the moral issue of the day. Moreover, he defines the left as supporting what he wants in precisely the same method he chooses–namely not voting for Democrats in elections if they don’t follow his line of policy. Freddie has decided that torture and drones–not labor rights, not abortion rights, not the climate–is the single moral issue of our time. If you agree with him and his tactics for dealing with it, you are on the left. If you don’t, if you see nuance, if you see other issues as of equal or greater moral weight, you are excluded from his left. Therefore, because some of us here at LGM fall into the latter category and defend our position against third party flirtations and Obamaney foolishness, we are “antileft.”


I will tell you one thing though–no left I am a part of uses the kind of sexist language de Boer throws around. Not to mention his, uh, rather questionable writings about himself as a feminist in the past. See here for awesomeness. “Man up?” Christ Freddie, is left politics a contest about penis size? If so, count me out. For any number of reasons.

I don't think you're even trying to be subjectively despicable here, Winston.

3:30 PM  

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