Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Long, Slow Death of Feminism: "Taking The White Man-Boy Seriously"


..."Taking the White Man-Boy Seriously," by one Kyle Kusz... the stupidest thing you'll read today. 

Heck, it's the stupidest thing you'll read this week. 

And, given the profusion of stupidity on the interwebs, that's saying something.  

I mean...I actually think that there's a significant chance that this is satire...but it's so similar to a kind of standard-issue web-feminist nonsense that I'm going to guess that it's for real. 

I'm going to point and laugh, but I'm not going to waste any time refuting such dreck. 

Somebody on the internet is wrong.

In fact, somebody on the internet is an idiot.

Not my problem.

Anyone who can write with a straight face of "creating situated knowledges" is not somebody I'm going to waste any of my finite, precious livespan on. But here's a goddamn tip: if you don't know any epistemology, don't pretend that you do. 

This is simply another incarnation of one of the few different types of screed that contemporary lefty web feminism spits out every day. 

This type should be titled: 

"For All X Such That Men Do X, X Is Wrong."  

The tl;dr on this sad attempt at typing is: if men don't get married and raise kids immediately: patriarchy!  

You know...the very thing that sane feminism informed both men and women that they didn't have to do? And the very thing that still apparently counts as fighting the "patriarchy" if women do it? Well...

One of the best indicators you are dealing with a dogmatic zealot is their passion for the double-standard...

Sane feminists should be shooting this moron down with extreme prejudice...  But I won't be holding my breath for that to happen.

Something this stupid really must just be clickbait. Nobody in their right mind is going to take such nonsense seriously.

(via /r/TumblrInAction)


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