Thursday, March 27, 2014

Carolina's AFAM/Football Scandal

Back in the news...

Nothing new...but still awful. 

Fortunately, basketball still seems to be untouched. My only worry is that some low-level tutor or someone similar colluded with AFAM/Nyang'oro... 

The general problem here is that there are classes and majors at every university that require almost no intelligence or effort, and which many students--athletes included--flock to. 

But of course UNC AFAM took this to a whole new level. It is utterly baffling that this happened at Carolina all--and the extent of it was jaw-dropping. 

I have no doubt that Dean, Gut, and Roy would steer clear of this sort of thing like the plague...  I'm not so sure about D'oh, however...  And that makes me worry...

It would be an absolutely betrayal of Carolina hoops if the basketball program had any involvement in this at all...  The Carolina Way is why many of us are fans.

I'm fairly confident that the new investigation won't find any significant problem for hoops that the other investigations missed...but "fairly confident" is a lot less confident than I'd prefer to be about this...

Needless to say, the Duke and State boards are ecstatic with the hope that they can accomplish off the court what they can't accomplish on it... It's hard to be objective about the matter in the face of the rabid irrationality and tribal hatred of such folk...but:

Fortunately, we don't need to be objective. We've got high-powered investigator (former DoJ, Former Homeland Security) coming in to make sure we've gotten to the bottom of things. 

I want the truth to out...but I am keeping my fingers crossed. It would be a tragedy if hoops participated in this bullshit--bullshit, moreover, obviously created and sustained by the football program and Nyang'oro/AFAM.


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