Thursday, February 06, 2014

Statue of Sleepwalking Man Terrorizes Wellesley!!!111

Apparently a piece of art is terrifying the stalwarts at Wellesley!!!1111oneoneoneone

They are frightened AND TRIGGERED!!!

Plus it is SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!!!!!


These must be the most cowardly human beings to ever walk the Earth...  Or, rather, they would be, if their "fear" were real, rather than manufactured. Scratch that. It's not even manufactured. It's completely fictional. It's a pose, struck for a political end.

So, good news; they're liars rather than cowards...

Which really is good, because being a liar is something that you can change instantaneously. If you want to.

If they really were so cowardly that that, despite being in the 0.00001% safest portion of the human population had ever lived, they were still actually, honestly, afraid of a statue...well, then, there really would probably be no hope for them.

Look, here's a general rule: if Amanda Marcotte is calling you on your feminist bullshit, then you really have crossed the border into crazytown...


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