Monday, January 20, 2014

UVA Crushes Carolina 76-61, Heels' Tailspin Continues

And it wasn't even really that close.

1-4 in the ACC.

Carolina shot about 40% from the floor; UVA shot about 40% from 3.

That was a serious ass-beating. UVA played pretty well. Carolina played well for about 16 minutes of the first half.

It's really getting tough to watch a team for which the average sequence is turnover, turnover, missed layup, missed field goal, turnover, missed layup...

And we remain the second-worst 3-point shooting team in college basketball...which is just a little bonus.

Well, better luck next time, guys. There's still time to get it together.

(I will just mention that Carolina got called for 21 fouls, whereas UVA, known  for a much more physical style of play, got called for 12. That sure didn't help anything.)


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